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This is a practice in making a gallery of pictures … These are some adventures in food



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Where to begin???

I officially leave Sept 10th, very early in the morning I head to Philly for a few shots and final paperwork. I will also get to meet my fellow adventurers to Macedonia. The 11th we leave JFK to arrive in Macedonia’s capital city of Skopje the 12th via Vienna Austria. I will be staying for the first few days in Kumanovo just north of the capital city. I will then be living with a host family for my apx11 weeks of language, culture and job training. I will not know until sometime in November (likely) where I will be spending the next 2 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

I have gotten almost all my ducks in a row, some just don’t want to stay in line and do as they are told. I lay awake at night just knowing my car will not sell and I will have to “give”  it away. I did not know selling a car could be so complicated and stressful. I want to pack, but it does seem silly to pull out all my clothes and lay them around our shared 400 sqf apt, there really is not much open/flat space that we don’t need for walking around in. Aaaaaarrrggggg (it’s driving me nuts).

And this dinosaur I am typing on, I have decided to cross to the other side and purchased a MAC (refurb, thanks) …. hummm my sister said ‘gooooood sister’ ‘one of us…’ that sounded kind of creepy. twice as much as I wanted to spend but I have been told that once you go MAC you never go back. This should make my iTouch happy. And that reminds me that my iPhone will be staying here, I sure will miss it, maybe.

my first posting to my first blog

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Hello world!

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Well, Macedonia is just not that far away.  The next chapter of this adventure starts in just 25 days (616 hours). Each day I try to look at what is in front of me, the wonderful people and opportunities to enjoy here. These will be the memories that I will take with me to share with my new friends and experiences in Macedonia. Excited doesn’t even come close to explaining how I feel. There are so many emotions and thoughts… all good.

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